Nova Scotia bioeconomy

Experience what sets us apart from the rest of Canada, and the world.

What is the bioeconomy?

Nova Scotia’s Bioeconomy is a regenerative system. Innovative organizations support sustainability developing uses for bioresources and biotechnology.

This interconnected, circular economy sources, distributes, uses, reuses and finds new applications for renewable bioresources. It lowers emissions and environmental impacts, providing the province with a unique opportunity to build value and drive export growth.

Nova Scotia’s projected bioeconomy impact


GHG reductions
(tons per year)*


direct and indirect jobs*

$750 M

invested capital*

*Potential based on planned projects


Existing bioresource operations

Existing bioresource operations generate by-products and waste that can become feedstocks for bioeconomy projects, creating additional value and promoting a circular bioeconomy.


Feedstocks can include byproducts and underutilized materials from forestry, agriculture, oceans, and municipal solid waste industries.


Bioprocessing facilities use novel techniques to convert local raw materials into a variety of both traditional and new, innovative products.


Bioproducts are sustainable, low-carbon innovative products produced using renewable natural resources from municipal waste streams, agriculture, forestry, and ocean sectors.

Closing the loop

Some bioproducts are compostable and contribute to future growth, and others can be collected and diverted from landfills for reprocessing and reuse.

Why Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s leading regions for renewable natural resource innovation. Offering a network of service providers and infrastructure facilities, Nova Scotia is the perfect place to set up your bioeconomy firm.

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Local talent

Known as Canada’s Education Province, Nova Scotia has the most academic institutions per capita, providing a consistent stream of available talent.

Research and development

A number of companies and organizations look to post-secondary institutions across the province to support their research and development.

Support organizations

Gain access to a large network of support organizations that help you with research, funding, accessing global supply chains, and more!

Prime location

Nova Scotia’s proximity to the USA and Europe provides bioeconomy companies with both logistics and time zone advantages.

Local partnerships

Partnerships strengthen the voice of the community to drive the growth and success of Nova Scotia. The bioeconomy is supported through organizations that aim to promote best-in-class, investment-ready conditions for a low-carbon bioeconomy.

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